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5.0 out of 5 stars From a Master Brewer, a Master Beer, August 25, 2010
By  FURB Furbish "FURB" (Taylorsville City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States)
This review is from: The Last Bartender (Paperback)
With "The Last Bartender," from Anthony F. Lewis comes this master tale. Set in the not too distant dystopia, "The Last Bartender" chronicles the exploits of Justin Gardiner, a sharp shooting bartender turned brew meister. 

Justin, bar owner Sam, and local guitar hero Larry, have all been put out of a job as new federal regulations have shut down their Flushing, Queens establishment. When Justin has a house party fueled with homebrewed beer, local goombah Johnny V. becomes very interested in wort Justin has been cooking up since he put his claim in for an unemployment check. And so Justin, Sam, and Larry begin their entry into the market for beer despite its being outside the legal paradigm. 

From the get-go, their brewing operation is a success, and expansion efforts have quickly tapped out all the available space in Justin's home. During a keg party at the American Legion hall, Justin hears of an abandoned upstate resort that is going to be auctioned off at a tax sale. With Johnny V.'s underworld connections, further rapid expansion of the brewing business is quickly realized. 

Johnny, Sam, and Larry quickly set up the available brewing equipment in the kitchen of the resort. Since the Sherriff of the local county was involved in the sale, Sam invites the local blue light gang to enjoy some libations. All decide that it should be a regular weekend thing, and the resort becomes a cops only speak-easy.

Things quickly spiral out of control, with a maelstrom of cops, mafioso, and snipers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, with its spirit of adventure, rebellion, and mafia figures. "The Last Bartender" has a few enjoyable tangents which tie together very nicely at the climax of the book. Unlike the beer of the same name, "The Last Bartender" truly is a Meister Brau, and its author is a master craftsman.

5.0 out of 5 stars Quirky May 2, 2013
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This was a great read! Quirky, with interesting well-developed characters, and good supporting details.One of the better books I have read lately. BTW, I believe this is a book that would appeal to a wide range of male and female readers. Would definitely read other books by this author. It seems as tho' he is NOT a one track pony.